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The « Anfass democratic movement » interview with Al Barghouti inside his cell

« Anfass Democratic Movement », a member of Moroccan BDS Group launches National Campaign to Support Marouane Albarghouti of nomination for Nobel Peace Prize and has an interview with him from his cell.

The democratic movement Anfass interviewed Albarghouti inside his cell

Interview of the Movement Democratic Anfass / Morocco

With the leader and activist Marouane Albarghouti

Prison Hdarim / Cell No. 28


1- Comrade Marwan Albarghouti, you are a symbol of the Palestinian resistance, A leader member of the Fatah movement and a candidate for the Nobel prize peace. You’ve struggled, and you are still struggling for the just and fair cause of the Palestinian people. What is your message to the generation of the « Arab Spring » that ignores many details on the Palestinian issue and the emotional attachment it enjoys with several progressive movements in the world?

Dear comrades of the democratic movement Anfass in our brother country Morocco, I send you my love, my consideration and my respect, and I thank you for your interest, The  letter you sent me and your solidarity with the Palestinian people in their just and legitimate struggle for the sake of freedom, independence and defeat of the colonialist Zionist project, I would like to express my deep love and appreciation to the brotherly people of Morocco and the friend who inhabit Palestine in his mind and heart. Your people have always, and in all phases and stages, expressed solidarity: I won’t ever forget the out of thousands in solidarity with Palestine during the 2nd Intifada, the Intifada Of Al Quds for freedom and independence, and again during the war against Gazza and in different circumstances when the Arab peoples were targeted. This confirms the authenticity of your people and their militant democratic forces, which continues its democratic struggle to raise the threshold of freedom and the implementation of democratic and social gains. These forces have made great achievements in its fight, especially in the wake of 2011 and what followed. Your country has experienced a case of evolution and change that requires a long breath to complete the revolutionary It is an opportunity to express my great esteem to the Moroccan people and brother and to greet the activists And militants of your country . I followed from my cell with great interest the movement of young, popular and democratic in your country and which led to make significant steps towards democracy, social justice, expanding freedoms, strengthening the rule of law, fight against corruption, youth association, equality woman / man in a total manner, the fight against unemployment and the company’s significant constitutional reforms.

I remain convinced that arab countries and Arab people aspire to build democratic states and regimes, and they deserve it. Millions took to the streets claiming freedom, dignity, justice, democracy and participation. The realization of these noble goals requires a patient activism and a long breath; the will of the people will win in the end! Arab countries need after all these developments, reconciliation with our past and reconciliation between the different components of Arab societies, the consecration of the full association in the country of all components without exception and recognition of their participation rights to the same extent and on the basis of citizen state. We must strengthen the idea of ​​citizenship and civil and democratic nation state and reject the politics of exclusion, of despotism and injustice. We must cling to inner peace, alternate and establishment of constitution with the participation of all without exception, which will preserve the rights and freedom, will result in a fair distribution of wealth, social justice consecration, respect for human rights and the rejection of all forms of injustice, abuse, torture and violation of human dignity.

I am sure the Arab citizen dream of a democratic union of all Arab countries launching the largest sustainable development operation based on respect and the sovereignty of each State. But this [Arab] nation can’t have weight and presence in the global system without independence and unity on a democratic basis. The road to rebirth in the Arab region requires (we advance towards) a common Arab market and release capacities of young intellectual, cultural, social and economic.

The Arab citizen has the right to enjoy freedom, human dignity and social justice, and the feeling that he belongs to a regional mass that has respect and weight in this world.

2- How do you assess the situation of the Palestinian issue in a circumstance marked by Arab democratic autumn and lack of support when the Palestinian state is gaining acquired internationally?

Palestine, who lives deep in the Arab conscience, is exposed to the fiercest and the worst imperial invasion – colonial – Zionist and the biggest collective ethnic cleansing operation in modern times. She underwent aggression, occupation, colonization, the blocus, the Judaization, arrests and killings. This people which campaigns for fairer causes of our time is determined to pursue its national struggle based on the overall resistance in all its forms and all its resources in the field. He faces the Zionist occupation in the creative combination of all forms of militancy and relying on the support of the Arab people brothers and friends free worldwide followers of justice and peace. Our national struggle is an integral part of the struggle of the democratic forces and the oppressed peoples in the world. We are aware that our national struggle is exposed to various challenges and that our national project going on a difficult crisis for intrinsic reasons and other objective reasons. We believe that our strong struggle and our struggle are in the camp of light and democracy in the world. We always aspire to support, solidarity and participation of the Arab peoples who have never failed to support Palestine, but most Arab governments have not shown enough support for the struggle of the Palestinian people. The colonialist Zionist invasion of Palestine and Israel entity is not only a threat to Palestine, but a threat to the entire region. This entity has the largest arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in the near east, supported by the US and Western support, represents a threat to world peace and stability, as it represents a threat to the democratic forces in the world. Several new documents published by Israel itsel unveils his involvement in dozens of conflicts in various countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America and the involvement of its intelligence services in direct operations of arrest, torture and pursuing several progressive national icons in the world. This entity has supported the dictatorship in Chile and in other countries, the documents prove its involvement in the supply of weapons, training and murder of thousands in Argentina, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Iran earlier in dozens of other countries. This should push the progressive forces in the world to support the struggle and the righteous activism of the Palestinian people for freedom, return and independence. Our people suffered ethnic cleansing and genocide as he shows off the world a solution with a minimum threshold to establish a fully sovereign Palestinian state with its capital Alquds, the return of refugees to their homes in historic Palestine, the total release of detainees and prisoners and life in peace with their neighbors. He is not opposed to that historic Palestine is one state after being released from Zionist ideology, structure and racist colonial system. We believe that achieving won democratic, social and economic Arab states poured in the interest of the Palestinian struggle for freedom. We aspire all forces, especially young Arabs, to put pressure on governments and parliaments to support Palestinian political, economic, media-and in all forums.

marouane albarghouti1

3- The Palestinian scene is witenessing a split  between its political factions to different estimates. In this situation, the information is circulating about your desire to run for the presidency of the authority. How true is this news ? If it’s true, what is your political program? How do you assess the internal Palestinian political scene?

The division in the Palestinian arena has seriously affected the steadfastness and resistance of the Palestinian people and weakened the struggle against the Zionist occupation. We have worked and continue through « manifest the prisoners to the national agreement » that was the consensus of the Palestinian and through the various actions we take to mend the ranks to achieve national reconciliation and to end the division. We are fully aware that national unity is the victory of law of oppressed peoples. To restore the luster of the Palestinian cause on the Arab and international levels and convert the popular uprising into a global intifada, it must not only achieve national unity, but also restore the account to the conditions and rules of the era national liberation and reclaim the national liberation discourse with all the consequences of the change of the path and its correction. In this regard, we believe in the need for a national total of inter-Palestinian dialogue conference with the participation of all without exception, to lay the foundations of a new Palestinian strategy and a clear commitment and association able to reconsider the democratic option. In this context, it is necessary to organize legislative and national presidential in order to bring out a new Palestinian political elite council, after the current elite is at a state of helplessness and failure in its national tasks.

I consider that the right of the Palestinian people in electing its leadership is a fundamental democratic right and a need to renew the energies and attitudes because we face a state of immobility and intellectual and activist old. I consider the bid in case the election date is determined is an integral part of the resistance strategy of colonialist Zionist project and reconsider the Palestinian national liberation movement. However, the final decision depends on the determination of the election date.

4- The world is witnessing a successful movement of Boycott – Divestment – BDS To impose Sanctions which allowed first to re- internationalize the case In front of  international public opinion, and also to put pressure on the occupation forces . What is your position on this movement?

Allow me, through you, to greet all the participants, actors and supporters of the BDS movement that turned into solidarity icon with the just struggle of the Palestinian people against this colonial imperialism. My name through you young people in the Arab region, using social networks and modern technology, enroll in this movement, to support and to boycott all companies, institutions and people who set relations with the occupation. We aspire to broad support BDS movement and to bring everything we can to strengthen it. Note that especially the Zionist project in our country is born in the lap of colonial occupation and its entity Israel grew after an international equation. Overcoming cee project can be achieved with a common struggle on the international, Arab and regional field that brings the Palestinian people for decades.

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